Sound Design and Music

Audio helps breathe life into the short. While animation helps with character movements and lighting can set the tone sound can help tie everything together. Audio can help set the scene, provide cues to the current mood, give on screen objects life, or even provide insight on things that are off screen. Small things like wood creaks, the material of the puppet, tension and suspense built into the ambience can all add up and tell a story on its own. With the COVID pandemic feedback and critiques were done digitally where the face-to-face feedback sessions had to be done virtually. This really prohibited group feedback in a studio setting and instead relied on the equipment and software each group member had. In the feedback sessions we had to rely on our virtual meeting software to playback the video often resulting in compressed audio and stuttery video. While not ideal we were able to work around the issues to get the project to completion. 

- Jacob Steed - Lead Sound Designer