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The Story

"Strings is about an abusive relationship where Adeline knows something is wrong. She knows that there can be freedom, but hasn't decided to be free. This story is very personal. A few years ago I was in a relationship that, at the time, I would say was perfect. He was my everything and I knew we were going to end up together forever. Things were great at first. We would spend every day together. I would invite him to hang out with my friends and at first he would, but then he started telling me that they aren't good for me. So then it would only be me and him, and maybe one of his friends. He would talk badly about my family and me. Always saying I needed to change. I needed to listen to him. I needed to do better and he wanted to help me get better. As the relationship went on, there was manipulation, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. This story is in part a release of the relationship and also a chance to move on a grow from it. I only hope that anyone who watches it who is in an abusive relationship at this moment knows there is hope. There is a way out. Friends and Family are there for you, but ultimately the only person who can make the decision to leave is yourself."

- Allison Wuensch - Director

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